Gas processing

PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz processes a range of gas such as dry gas, wet gas, shale gas, stripped gas, liquefied natural gas, and marketable gas at the company’s gas processing plant located in the Eastern part of Siberia, Russia.

General information

The Company’s Gas Processing Plant became part of the enterprise in 2012, freight fleet was built along with a loading rack for shipping a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons and stable gas for subsequent shipment to consumers in railway tanks.

The gas plant’s finished products have always been in high demand on the market, not only in Russia and the CIS markets but also beyond its borders. Over the years, liquefied gases were sent to consumers from different regions of the country and shipped for export.

Feed processing at the Gas Processing Plant for the year 2019
Processing of petroleum gas: 69.1 mm³
NGL processing: 49 THT
Treatment of natural gas, mcm: 15 mcm
Stripped gas: 117 mcm

Plant modernization

After the Gas Processing Plant acquisition, the company immediately carried out a reconstruction program at the facility. The annual volume of natural gas received for processing was increased from 1 to 1.3 billion cubic meters. In 2017 several approved projects were implemented at the Gas Processing Plant aimed at improving the level of industrial safety standards

The reconstruction of the fire extinguishing system in the gas processing workshop was also completed. As a result of the processing of associated petroleum gas, PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz produces dry stripped gas, a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons, stable gasoline, and technical propane.

A new custom furnace was built 5 times more economical than the previous one, which saved up to 7 million m3 of gas per year. Also, pumping equipment and heat exchange equipment were upgraded. The two-year reconstruction of the reverse water supply cooling tower was completed, which made it possible to reduce annual water losses by 35 thousand m3. The selection of target components from gas increased by 10%.

In 2016 the flare was reconstructed with the separation of the flare systems of the plant and the commodity and raw material storage. This increased the safety of production and allowed to bring the plant facilities to the required norms and rules.

In the same year, the company built its desulphurization unit with a capacity of 100 million m3 of gas per year. It included blocks of nitrogen production and air conditioning instrumentation. A “Program of measures for the technical re-equipment of plant facilities” was developed and approved.


PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz Gas Processing Plant produces the following products;

  • Strip gas (STO 089-2010);
  • Stable gasoline (TU 0272-020-00148300-06);
  • Isobutane fraction (TU 0272-025-00151638-99);
  • Normal butane fraction (TU 0272-026-00151638-99);
  • Propane-butane fraction (GOST R 52087-2003).

The feedstocks for PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz’s Gas Processing Plant are from the matured fields of our exploration stored in storages and delivered through pipelines.

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