Code of conduct and ethics

PJSC Sakahavostokneftegaz has and will always maintain a positive working environment for our staff from all departments of the company that is fair, efficacious, and beneficial. Our company’s reputation was built by mutual respect and well-behaved personnel with integrity.

Code of conduct


Employees of the company are expected to promptly report any potential safety and health issues to the management, as everything we do, relies upon the safety of the company workforce and communities around us. Our personnel has responsibility for keeping, maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, and the management, do not tolerate violence, abuse, bullying, intimidation of any kind during working, and of working hours around the premises.


PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz complies with all applicable equal employment laws, as it’s mandatory. We always treat each other with fairness, respect, and value every individual contribution to the company. The management will never tolerate any form of discriminatory conduct, abuse of authority against protected characteristics, such as race, color, religion, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability status.


Employees inline of duties at PJSC Sakahavostokneftegaz have responsibilities to conduct business or activities only in the company’s interest and not on a personal relationship or financial stake. We expect our employees to use their judgment to maintain our high standards of integrity.

Report violations

We regularly advise our employees during staff meetings that they should speak or report any violations of their employee rights. Without fear of retribution, threats of losing their jobs, or consequences, and must disclose the situation immediately to our Chief Compliance Officer.

Applicable laws

PJSC Sakahavostokneftegaz or OOO Sakahavostokneftegaz, respect, and in full compliance follow applicable laws, rules, and regulations in Russia and every territory, we operate both onshore and offshore.

Code of ethics


We operate in a competitive service environment, we must always adhere to the highest standard of integrity, ethical behavior, and transparency as our businesses rely on interacting with clients, partners, competitors, and communities to exhibit consistency between words and deeds — to do what’s right at all times.

Client’s confidentiality

Our businesses would be a total failure without our customers, who confides and constantly patronize us, so in return, we make sure services are provided to the highest standards, even if it means we take losses

Client confidentiality is important to the company, we comply with all relevant international privacy data and laws and do NOT disclose any customer’s assets to any third parties. This also includes the company staff that does not have the prerequisite authorizations; this is to protect it from misuse, abuse, and theft. Unless it’s used to process the client’s transaction, such as; proof-of-product documentation, SGS Quality & Quantity analysis, loading, and unloading the commodities with the port authorities.

Vision and improvement

Since PJSC Sakahavostokneftegaz, was incorporated the company had the vision to be one of the key players of a privately-owned oil refinery in Russia. We are swiftly approaching that goal over-the-years the company is constantly investing in new ventures, expanding our refining capability, and reaching our annual goals. We aim to compete with major state-owned oil refineries in terms of refining capabilities. Our vision and top priorities are to process more crude oil products, expand our presence across the globe.

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